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The Daily Rule with Bryce Prescott

Hosted by Bryce Prescott, The Daily Rule

(formerly Rules of Success)

is a different type of experience. 


What is The Daily Rule Podcast?

The Daily Rule is a place we discusses living a balanced and successful life; including the full range of topics that it touches upon; topics including entrepreneurship, sports, business, education, society and pop-culture, relationships, politics and spirituality.

Our format is 10-15 minute episodes, released new every weekday. 

If you are looking to understand balance, true success and receive guidance along the way; subscribe to The Daily Rule and enjoy the growth. Whether on your commute or during your workout, if you want to hear about how to bridge that space between the reality of life and the shadows of success, that’s what we are here for.

If this describes you, listen in.

May 1, 2015

This week we catch up with Mitch Miller; CEO of Opposed Media and Internet Marketing Expert. With a back story that would make Keith Richards blush, Mitch shares with us how he went from a touring musician to CEO of Opposed Media and the bumps and bruises along the way. I'll give tease; he had a heart attack at 21!

Mitch gives our listeners actual, practical tools that you can inplement today in your business that can increase your sales and conversion rates. He outlines in the second segment a sales formula that he normally charges a pretty penny for and outlines how to engage your clients; first by knowing who they are. 

It's becoming more apparent in our day and age that there are really no new techniques that convert to closed transactions. Since human behavior hasn't changed, the techniques haven'te either. We get down to business with Mitch about this trend and the best way to make the leap from good to great using tried and true success principles.